Chinese New Year

by on 15/01/12 at 12:59 pm

There will be no evening services on 22 January, since it is the eve of the Lunar New Year, when families are required to have their Reunion dinner. The morning services are as normal, with lunch served at DRBC but not at SJRBC:

DRBC, 11.00am
SJRBC, 9.00am

In addition, a Chinese New Year tract is available at Gospel Highway

Please note that the pdf print versions may be printed on each side of an A4-size paper, to be cut in two, and folded for distribution. I have left the contacts section blank for you to fill in before printing. Alternatively, if the volume is not too large, you might want to use a rubber stamp which can be made quite cheaply. I recommend using red, 80 gsm paper. Red is the auspicious colour for the Chinese.

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