MP3 Sermons – 2010


Note: Most sermons (except for the Bible Study) are conducted in both Malay and English languages as required.



3rd: The Divine Power of Jesus Christ – Mark 5:21-43

10th: The Urgency of Gospel Proclamation – Mark 6:7-31

17th: The Danger Posed by Human Tradition – Mark 7:1-23

24th: Do You Not Understand? – Mark 8:1-26

31st: The Power of the Kingdom of God – Mark 9:1-13


14th: Ineffective Religious Reforms – 2 Kings 23:1-30

28th: The Certainty of Judgment – 2 Kings 25


30th: The Centrality of Christ’s Death – Mark 9:30-50


13th: Marriage and Divorce – Mark 10:1-12


11th: The Demands of the Cross – Mark 10:32-45

25th: The Book of Beginnings – Genesis 1-2:3


1st: God Created Man Special – Genesis 2:4-25

8th: The Fall of Man – Genesis 3

15th: The Subsequent Effects of the Fall – Genesis 4

22nd: The Godly Line – Genesis 5:1-32

29th: The Grace of God in the Days of Judgment – Genesis 6:1-10


5th: A Psalm for Times of Great Troubles – Psalm 91:1-16 (Pastor Robert Oliver)

12th: The Privileges of Justification – Romans 5:1-11 (Pastor Robert Oliver)

19th: The Great Flood, the Great Judgment – Genesis 7

26th: God’s Faithfulness in Salvation – Genesis 8


10th: A New Beginning – Genesis 9

17th: The Origin of Nations – Genesis 10:1-11:26

24th: Ending Our War with God – John 14:27 (Elder Kenneth Chin)

31st: The Calling of Abraham – Genesis 11:27-12:9


7th: Faith on Trial – Genesis 12:10-13:4

21st: The Right Choice, the Wrong Choice – Genesis 13:5-18


12th: Blessing to the Faithful – Genesis 14:1-24

19th: God’s Covenant With Abraham – Genesis 15

26th: Sarai and Hagar – Genesis 16



3rd: A Prophet without Honour – Mark 6:1-6

10th: Why Do You Seek Jesus Christ? – Mark 6:32-56

17th: Who is Jesus Christ to You? – Mark 7:24-37

24th: Becoming a Christian and Being a Christian – Mark 8:27-38

31st: Jesus Christ’s Power to Save – Mark 9:14-29


7th: Jesus Christ: Rock of Offense or Rock of Salvation? – 1 Peter 2:1-10 (Elder Ho Weng Keong)

14th: 3 Characteristics of the Unbeliever – 1 John 1:5-10 (Brother Peter De Silva)


4th: Learning from Past Mistakes – Genesis 4:1-15 (Elder Kenneth Chin)

18th: 3 Characteristics of a Christian – 1 John 1-2:2 (Brother Peter De Silva)


9th: The Nature of True Believers – Hebrews 10:26-11:16 (Elder Ho Weng Keong)

30th: The Baptism of an Ethiopian Eunuch – Acts 8:26-40


13th: God’s Way of Salvation – Mark 10:13-31 (Not Recorded = Equipment Failure)


11th: A Servant of Christ – Luke 17:1-10

25th: A Ransom for Many – Mark 10:45-52


1st: The Danger of Mere Religious Enthusiasm – Mark 11:1-11

8th: The Authority of Jesus Christ as Saviour – Mark 11:12-33

15th: The Ultimate Test of True Faith – Mark 12:1-12

22nd: Politics and Religion – Mark 12:13-17


5th: The Context of Christian Worship – Hebrews 12:12-29 (Pastor Robert Oliver)

12th: The Significance of the Ascension – Luke 24:50-53 (Pastor Robert Oliver)

19th: What is Wrong with Liberalism? – Mark 12:18-27

26th: What is Wrong with Rationalism? – Mark 12:28-44


10th: A Call to Single-Minded Discipleship – Mark 13:1-21

17th: A Call to be Watchful – Mark 13:21-37

24th: Young Slave Girl – 2 Kings 5:1-4 (Elder Kenneth Chin)


7th: The Unstoppable Death of Christ – Mark 14:1-11

21st: The Institution of the Lord’s Supper – Mark 14:12-25


5th: The Striking of the Shepherd – Mark 14:26-51

12th: Frail Man Against the Holy Lord – Mark 14:53-72

19th: Jesus Christ: The King of Kings – Mark 15:1-41

26th: The Death and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ – Mark 15:42-16:8



6th: The Power of Prayer – 2 Kings 19:8-37

13th: The Sovereignty of God in the Life of Jacob – Genesis 31:22

20th: Handling Adversity and Prosperity – 2 Kings 20:1-21


3rd: Two Evil Kings, Two Evil Reigns – 2 Kings 21:1-26

10th: A Heart Sensitive to God’s Word – 2 Kings 22:1-20

17th: Adamant to the End – 2 Kings 23:31-24:20


Church Camp: Awake, You Who Sleep: Serving God in Sluggish Times

Reformed Ministers Conference: Baptists and Covenant Theology

Youth Camp: Boy-Girl Relationships: Be Imitators of God as Dear Children

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