The Foolishness of Opposing God – Psalm 2

The Utter Sinfulness of the Whole Human Race and God’s Remedy (Psalm 14)

The Purpose of Revelation – Psalm 19

Glory Concealed, Glory Revealed – Psalm 22

The Lord is My Shepherd – Psalm 23

The Lord is the King of Glory – Psalm 24

Calvinism – the Biblical Doctrine of Salvation (Psalm 33)

Contrast Between the Righteous and the Wicked – Psalm 37

A Soul in Distress – Psalm 39

David’s Learning and Prayer – Psalm 40 (Brother Peter De Silva)

The Glorious King – Psalm 45

A Prayer of Repentance – Psalm 51

The Repentance of David, Our Repentance – Psalm 51 (Pastor Robert Oliver)

Waiting on God Alone – Psalm 62 (Brother Peter De Silva)

Jesus Christ’s Suffering for Sinners – Psalm 69:1-21

The Inner Life of a True Christian – Psalm 85

Teach Us to Number Our Days – Psalm 90

So Teach Us to Number Our Days – Psalm 90:12 (Pastor Robert Oliver)

To Number Your Days – Psalm 90:1-17 (Common Expressions in the Bible Series)

Safety in the Abiding Presence of God – Psalm 91

A Psalm for Times of Great Troubles – Psalms 91:1-16 (Pastor Robert Oliver)

The Lord, My Refuge and My Fortress – Psalm 91

The Mercy of God – Psalm 103:11-14

The Lovingkindness of the Lord – Psalm 107 (Brother Peter De Silva)

Why Should We Praise? – Psalm 113 (Assistant Pastor Edward Collier)

Responding to God’s Benefits – Psalm 116 (Pastor Chris Buss)

Christ, The Chief Cornerstone – Psalm 118 (Brother Peter De Silva)

The Most Important Question of Our Life (Psalms 119:9-11)

Humility in Trials and Afflictions – Psalm 119:65-72 (Brother Weng Keong)

From Where Does My Help Comes – Psalm 121 (Pastor Spencer Cunnah)

The God We Worship – Psalm 139

The Promise of Happiness – Psalm 146

Short Series:

The ‘I Wills’ of Trust in the Psalms (Brother Kenneth)

The ‘I Wills’ of Ministry and Testimony in the Psalms (Brother Kenneth)

The ‘I Wills’ of Prayer in the Psalms (Brother Kenneth)

The ‘I Wills’ of Action in the Psalms (Brother Kenneth)

The ‘I Will’s Of Praise in the Psalms – Selected Passages (Brother Kenneth)


Psalm 130: Part 1 – An Introduction

Psalm 130: Heart Cry to God (Verse 1)

Psalm 130: Heart Cry for God (Verse 2)

Psalm 130: Contrition and Confession (Verse 3)

Psalm 130: Forgiveness and Fear (Verse 4)

Psalm 130: Waiting for the Lord (Verse 5)

Psalm 130: Waiting for the Lord (Verse 6)

Psalm 130: Hope in the LORD (Verse 7)

Psalm 130: Full and Final Redemption (Verse 8)


The Psalms and the Emotional Life of the Believer (RMC 2004)