Main Series

Introduction to the Book of Numbers (Exodus 19)

Called to Serve (Numbers 1)

Service to God (Numbers 2)

The Gospel Ministry (Numbers 3)

The Principles of Ministry (Numbers 4)

The Purity of the Church (Numbers 5)

A Separated People (Numbers 6)

Consecrated to Serve (Numbers 7)

Service in the Temple (Numbers 8)

The Characteristics of Acceptable Worship (Numbers 9:1-14)

The Characteristics of Acceptable Service (Numbers 10)

The Danger of Discontent (Numbers 11:1-23)

God’s Response to Discontent (Numbers 11:24-12:16)

Prerequisites of Service to God (Numbers 13-14:10)

Tempting the Lord (Numbers 14:11-45)

A Worshipping Community (Numbers 15:1-26)

A Holy Nation (Numbers 15:27-41)

The Danger of Being Rebellious (Numbers 16:1-40)

The Danger of Being Faithless (Numbers 16:41-17:13)

Sanctified For Service (Numbers 18)

Purified for Worship (Numbers 19)

Hallowing the Lord (Numbers 20:1-13)

Apparent Setbacks (Numbers 20:14-29)

The Bronze Serpent (Numbers 21:1-9)

Tokens of Blessing (Numbers 21:10-35)

Fighting Against God (Numbers 22:1-40)

Constrained by God’s Word (Numbers 22:41-23:26)

The Future of God’s People (Numbers 23:27-24:25)

Blatant Departure from God (Numbers 25)

Taking Stock of the Nation (Numbers 26)

The Future of the Church (Numbers 27)

Worship prescribed by God (Numbers 28:1-15)

Aspects of Salvation (Numbers 28:16-29:40)

The Necessity of Covenant Commitment (Numbers 30:1-16)

Judgment of the Midianites (Numbers 31:1-54)

Beware of Subtle Sin (Numbers 32)

The Past and the Present (Numbers 33)

Our Inheritance (Numbers 34:1-35:5)

Refuge For The Condemned (Numbers 35:6-34)

Our Inheritance in God’s Kingdom is Guaranteed (Numbers 36)

Stand Alone Sermons

Knowing God’s Will – Numbers 9:15-23 (Brother Kenneth Chin)

The Lord Jesus Christ, Our Cure Lifted Up (Numbers 21:1-9)