RMC 2008

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Theme: OT Lessons for NT Life (Romans 15:4)


  • Pastor Jack Seaton, Inverness Reformed Baptist Church, Scotland, UK
  • Pastor B. S. Poh, Damansara Church, Kuala Lumpur

The conference was held from the 1st to 4th September, 2008 at Damansara Church (Reformed Baptist), 52 Jalan SS 21/2, Damansara Utama, 47400 Kuala Lumpur.

Conference Messages in MP3

(Right-click on the following titles and select “save as” to download the messages)

  1. The Elements of Acceptance, Appropriation, Availability (Pr. Seaton)
  2. Preaching to the Saints (Pr. Seaton)
  3. Applied Principles of Missions (Pr. Poh)
  4. The Elements of Substitution, Spectacle, Satisfaction (Pr. Seaton)
  5. Preaching to Sinners (Pr. Seaton)
  6. Related Themes: The Word, The Heart, The Mind (Pr. Seaton)
  7. Bone of Contention (Pr. Poh)
  8. Recurring Themes: Separation, Worship, Warfare (Pr. Seaton)


Note: the videos requires Windows Media Player (that comes with all Microsoft Operating Systems) and requires high broadband connection for ease of download or the use of Download Managers (which enables resuming of broken downloads).

Videos are in “.WMV” format. Message titles are the same as above. Right Click on link and “Save target as”.

Talk 1 (56.2MB)

Talk 2 (82.5MB)

Talk 3 (76.2MB)

Talk 4 (62.5MB)

Talk 5 (85.0MB)

Talk 6 (95.5MB)

Talk 7 (108MB)

Talk 8 (82.3MB)

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